Life Insurance
Underwriting Specialists is constantly establishing contacts with companies that are innovative and competitive in the marketplace. This market penetration allows you to provide your client with the best products and rates. Our access to the lowest term rates available gives you the advantage you need in a competitive environment.

Our carriers include leaders in the industry, such as Lincoln National, Banner Life, American General, Prudential and many more.
Annuity Products
Annuities can be an essential part of an individual's retirement planning.
Americans are living longer than ever before and the prospect of outliving one's retirement fund is a real concern. Clients turned off by an uncertain economy can profit from owning a fixed annuity.
Long Term Care Insurance
Selecting the right LTC insurance company for your clients is an important decision, so Underwriting Specialists has done the research for you. Our selected carriers offer long term care insurance policies that provide excellent coverage to protect your clients from the high costs of long term care.
Disability Products
Disability is an unpredictable event, and though some of your clients may think it will never happen to them, the chances of becoming ill or injured for either a short or long period of time happens every day to unsuspecting, healthy individuals.

As a consultant to the financial needs of your clients, you may have discussed the importance of implementing a disability policy, just as individuals protect their possessions - like their house and cars - but in many instances, they fail to see the critical need to protect their income. Although your clients may have enough money in the bank to meet their short-term needs, what would happen if they were unable to work for months, or even years?
Term, Universal Life, Whole Life, Indexed Universal Life
Contact our Annuity Department to review our extensive Annuity Product portfolio.

• Single Premium Deferred
• Flexible Premium Deferred
• Immediate (Including Substandard)
• Equity Indexed
• Structured Settlements
The plans offered by our selected companies provide maximum choice and flexibility with outstanding benefits and features such as:

• Generous discounts for couples in good health 
• Large benefit amounts
• Monthly benefits
• Stay at home benefits
• Double coverage for accidents when under age 65
• Broad range of deductibles
• Reduced Home Care for Reduced Premiums Option
• Several multiplier choices
• Long Respite Care coverage
• International coverage
• "Actual" Expense Reimbursement
• Return of Premium Option
Contact us about the proper disability insurance plan for your clients:

Blue Collar or White Collar:
Disability plans specific to an individual's line of work

Traditional Plans:
Individual, Mortgage, Overhead Expense, Buy-Sell Agreement Plans

Impaired Risk Plans:
Graded Benefit Plan for individuals with health history occupation problems

Specialty Coverage
Entertainers, Pilots, Athletes and Doctors Excess Coverage
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